Drawings from Sketchbooks: Moon Boat Guy

Doesn't this guy know that you're not supposed to stand up in a boat?

Apparently not.  

I sincerely hope that no one goes all Freudian on me about this one.  Apparently, back in what I'm guessing was about 2001, I was feeling a little isolated. It does make me wonder why though.  I don't remember that part of my life being particularly lonely.  I suppose now would be the appropriate time to remind myself that every piece that an artist creates doesn't have to be a window into his inner workings.  It doesn't have to open the door to some part of his psyche that was up to that moment hidden from the world.  Sometimes, it's just a drawing of a guy in a boat.

Most of the time though, I guess it's probably both.  Richter has said again and again that we can't remove ourselves from our work, and that's true.  We can't.  But we don't have to embrace the overly emotional side of it either.  The people who work like that are shitheads.  Those who focus on how, as artists, they're so "in touch" with their inner profundity make the rest of us look like idiots.  Don't get me wrong. Honest emotion is a wonderful thing to find in a work of art, but there is such a thing as overreaching.


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