Getting Started

Hi.  I'm Eric Bell, and I'm a painter, or at least I was.  Over the past few years, while focusing on things like my job (I'm a high school art teacher), it has gotten harder and harder for me to identify with what I have always thought it meant to be a painter.  

The word painter has always carried a great deal of weight to me.  There is history to consider.  There are expectations and canons of belief.  There is a collective baggage.  Each one of us who has ever touched paint to surface has to understand that.  We come to the situation not new and fresh, but with a history as rich as that of mankind to take into consideration.  We stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us.

So how do I fit into all of that?  I don't know.  The things I do know are that if I ever was a painter, I can be one again.  I know that I didn't paint often enough, didn't really feel like my ideas were coming from the right place, didn't feel relevant.  So how do I work through that?

I paint.

Lately I've been pushing myself toward increased productivity.  Getting back on that horse. The intention of this blog is to chronicle my journey back to being a painter.  Enjoy the ride.


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