Distractions & Me: A Love Story

Male House SparrowSo, I'm pretty easily distracted.  So much so that I haven't blogged in almost a week.  Inexcusable!

It does make me think though. I have been ruled by distractions for the better part of my life.  In a normal day, I bet I get pulled away from what I've intended to do a hundred different times.  I used to fight it.  These days I say - embrace it.  I mean, I can't do anything about it.  My world is an active and...

Are sparrows mating right now?  Outside of my window there is a flocking flock of sparrows going crazy and some of them seem to be "attached."

Anyway.  My world is an active and chaotic place.  It has a lot going on in it.  Sometimes that means I forget to do things for long periods of time.  Like drop off the water bill, or shower, or blog.  I mean this week alone I've taught my classes, has some rehearsals for a competitive drama piece that my students are working on, ran the soundboard for a local production, walked my dog about 40 times, done the dishes, went to Chipotle, worked out, watched like 6 episodes of Walking Dead, and still managed to work on the next two illustrations for "Sometimes...I Like to Make Things."  I've even managed to find time to not make any great Valentine's Day plans.  That's impressive for someone who couldn't write a blog without googling the mating habits of the common house sparrow.  I'm just sayin'.

Ultimately I find it a much better solution to go with the flow.  Life is a crazy roller coaster, and I am already buckled in.  So I'll write myself little notes on scraps of paper about all the things I've been pulled away from and trust that I won't wash those scraps of paper, will accidentally see them again, and will get back to what I'm supposed to be doing in three to five months.

What was the point of this blog?  I'm not even sure anymore.  It was sort of an explanation for how I'm easily distracted and haven't blogged all week.  Mostly I think it was just an important notice to make sure you watch out for mating sparrows. 


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