Weird Little Monsters: Creature Fear

I used to paint like this all the time.  Toward the end of college, and after, I worked loosely.  I let the paint be paint, and didn't force it into rigid representation.  I let it slip and smear and drip.  It was nice, and recently I have been missing painting like that.  The freedom and the looseness.  The opportunity to experiment with color relationships.  

Lately I've been finishing up some small squares and I was considering painting them in a "superflat" manner - like Murakami('s staff.)  Crisp.  Even.  Perfected.  The more I worked though, I decided that they lent themselves nicely to the free and loose paint application style that I have been missing.  I've tentatively called the series Creature Fear, which is named after a Bon Iver song.  (I listen to a lot of Bon Iver.)  Anyway, they happen in a way similar to my sketchbook drawings.  No preparation.  I just see what comes out.  Free association.  I'm not sure what brings about strange little creatures like this, but I associate them with invasion.  They're germs that creep into our bodies.  They're fears that sneak into our thoughts; monsters that show up in dreams; lies that find their way into the light.  

They don't seem like they should be taken seriously.  They seem silly, but like many hidden things that sneak up on you when you least expect it, their impact is usually more serious that we had originally thought.  These are the first two.  I have 10 more, so expect to see them soon.


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