Sunday Inspiration: Coffee

Oil Painting by Michael Naples
I didn't like coffee when I was younger.  Not even in college.  Not even with the rise of Starbucks.  I always appreciated the smell, the culture that surrounded it, and the ice cream that bears its flavor, but I was never a coffee drinker.  I think overall it was an aversion to hot beverages.  You know that scaldy mouth, burnt tongue thing that happens.  I hate that!  Hate it.  So I think that was a big factor.

So what changed?  I entered a ridiculously busy phase of my life, and also opened a coffee shop at school for the kids to raise money for trips.  I had an endless supply of coffee at my disposal, and I also needed a little pick me up a bit more often than usually - so necessity indeed became the mother of invention.

So, now when I need a little focus I resort to legal addictive stimulants?  That makes it sound so scandalous.  But I guess the answer is, "heck yeah."

And who knew is works so well?  I've seen the joke mugs about how much people need it.  But I didn't know they MEANT it.  But man oh man, does it work.  Once I really figured out how motivating coffee can be, I found myself wondering if this is something that everyone knows about, and I'm jut late to the party?  Does the whole world run on coffee and I just didn't clue in?  

Well, either way I'm happy to have finally figured out the motivating power of the bean.


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