More Drawings from Sketchbooks: More Mean Kids

Sketchbook Drawing #15, 2010
Ink on Paper
I'm don't think a person has to be too perceptive to infer that my being a teacher just might have something to do with how much I like to I draw misbehaving children.  Let's not look too deeply into that.  Sound good?

To draw these Mean Kids is to draw something that can be related to.  As I mentioned before, there is something relatable about these drawings and that is, for the most part, relatively important to me.  I want people to connect with my work.  I want them to react on a human level.  

Sketchbook Drawing #16, 2010
Ink on Paper
Obviously I want other things too, but we can address that in the next installment of "Reasons for Painting."  For know, understand that I'm not enough of an academic to want to create something that makes great strides in advancing post-modern thought.  No, I'm afraid I'm not that guy.  But I do want people to feel something when they see what I make.

That said, I present a couple more Mean Kids.  Above you'll see that prissy little brat that you know not to leave unattended around babies and small animals.  Below, you'll see that "O'Doyle Rules" type of kid that you know lives by the creed "pound or be pounded."

These drawings are probably born out of simplicity.  When I draw them, I'm not trying to draw anything.  In not forcing it, simple, uncomplicated things come forward and rear their (in this case) ugly heads.

I'm sure a better writer than I could find a narrative in these, but for now we'll just let them live as simple drawings, and know that perhaps someday we'll run into them again.

Hopefully not in a dark alley.


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