More Drawings from Sketchbooks: The Mean Teacher

Did you ever have that teacher who seemed to be having the worst day of her life every single day of her life?  Yeah.  I think we all have.

Don't get me wrong, any of us in a classroom have had moments where we're not very pleasant to deal with, but I'm talking about the person who makes this her way of life.  The Mean Teacher is the archetype.  She's the ruler smacking, ear pulling, zeros for nameless papers sadist.

I'm curious what makes this person.  What contributing factors led to the rigidity?  What made someone who lives on free American soil want to be a fascist so badly?  Early toilet training?  A parent as sadistic as she?  

Though it might be easy to dismiss this person as a stereotype, I think any of us who went to elementary school know there is some truth to this drawing.  I should draw a sequel, where her overbearing mother comes back and makes amends and they all live happily after.  Or...where her students team up and overthrow her like the false despot that she is!

Either way.


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