More Drawings from Sketchbooks: Mean Kids

Sketchbook Drawing #13
Ink on Paper
I'm not sure why.  But I love to draw mean and nasty little children.  There is a kind of comedy to it.  They make me chuckle. 
Sketchbook Drawing #14
Ink on Paper

I think, at the heart of it, it's about exhibiting and understanding of our base instincts.  Each one of these little monsters seems to be a demonstration of something that we can all relate to.  Greed, aggression, selfishness.  They're all emotions that we each have, and that we know, even if we do try our best to suppress or defeat them.  Here you'll see a couple of the type of kids that's I'm talking about.  To the left is a boy with a rock, and you know perfectly well that he's going to throw that rock.  Hopefully it will be aimed at something like a pond, and not someone like his neighbors.  Below we've got a glutenous girl who is in love with her cheese puffs.  She's shoveling them in with the kind of reckless abandon that makes you hope she is in close proximity to someone who knows the Heimlich maneuver.

Overall, I prefer my art have this sort of honesty - a truth that's buried beneath  something silly.  That sort of layered meaning draws people in, and then slowly reveals what it is really about - light on the surface, then delves into something a bit more meaningful once you've scratched the surface.


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