More Drawings from Sketchbooks: Longing

Sketchbook Drawing #12, 2010/2013
Pencil on Paper
I don't know what it is that this little robot needs, but he does seem to need something that the octopus seems unwilling or unable to offer him.  She hasn't abandoned him entirely, but she also has gone away.

But he's still trying.  He's still reaching for something that's probably not there.

I don't really think about subject matter when I do these sketchbook drawings, but when I turn away and then look back, there is almost always something there.  I'm no psychologist, and I don't really know the human mind, but there must be something to that.  There must be some stories that we find a way to tell whether we've decided to or not.

I don't know if this story is real.  If I'm the robot longing for more, or if I'm the octopus trying to hang onto things that need me more than I need them, but I guess it might be.  And I suppose a little dash of truth is enough to make anything interesting enough to pay attention to.


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