The Self Portrait Series

Self Portrait 1: My Favorite Pencil, 2008
Oil on Board. 4" x 4"
A lot of the paintings that I've been working on are like the favorite pencil painting.  They are similar to The Little Boxes, but they're not about anyone.  They're either things I like, or things I am drawn to, or value, or want, find beautiful.  

Then it hit me.  they're still little boxes, they just contain pieces of me.  So I've tentatively started titling them "Self Portrait."  Ultimately, in a semi-autobiographical way, that's what they are.  

I'm imagining them all together, of various sizes all representing images unique to my situation.  I love it when a plan comes together.  I'm surprised it took me so long to see what they really are.  It seems like we sometimes have the hardest time recognizing the things that refer to ourselves.


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