Well, I'm not very good at this whole blogging without a schedule thing, am I?  This is what I wrote, but failed to post yesterday...

I have mentioned before that I'd like to do a children's picture book, but that I didn't feel confident in my ability to put together a story.  While driving, last night, I may have proved myself wrong.

As I drove, I was remembering that when I was a little boy, I liked to make things out of construction paper.  I don't remember exactly what I would make, just that I enjoyed doing it.  I further remembered that it made me sad to throw the unused scraps away.  It felt unfair to use some of the paper, and to not use other parts.  The scraps would never get to be anything.  They'd never become art.  Not a picture.  Not a background.  Nothing.  I couldn't bear it.  So I saved them in a plastic bag, and hoped that I would get to use them again sometime.

I don't remember if I used them or not, but I remember feeling like I couldn't take their chance to become something away.  I can't exactly describe how this becomes a story yet, but I know it is one.  I also can't yet show the pictures that came to mind for this concept, but I'm excited to make them.

Stay tuned to see what happens.


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