More Drawings from Sketchbooks: Technology

Sketchbook Drawing #9
Pencil on Paper
I'm a little bit of a technology nerd, and I like to draw technological elements.  Technology related shapes are interesting - antennae and screens and buttons and switches.  That's the stuff that imagination was made of when I was a kid.  I also respond to the connotation that such images create.  They have a straight line to the sci-fi part of our imagination.  Such images allow us to hold onto that notion of a future that existed when we were children - back when the ideal that meant things were going to get better was still in place.  Before global climate change and massive oil spills and rising sea levels we had flying cars and rocket ships and robot friends.  The sci-fi of that generation represented unbridled potential.  That sort of connection to technology is something that I'm not quite ready to let go of.  I still believe in potential.  I still believe that humanities good qualities will win out against all the stupid ones.  Someday NOVA will be more important than Jersey Shore.  Right?  Dead God I hope so.

Sketchbook Drawing #10
Ink on Paper
I admit that I do address all of this with tongue planted firmly in cheek.  I know that technology can be an epic pain in the ass.  Why does the color printer connected to my image lab computers only work when it wants to?  Why does my phone spontaneously eject it's micro SD card?  Glitches.

But I still maintain that the world where a robot willingly brings coffee is a world worth hanging onto.  Now, don't get me wrong, I also fully acknowledge that a Terminator/Matrix style rise of the machines is still a possibility.  Every time I pass I wind farm (which I fully support), I get that suspicious War of the Worlds feeling.  

So don't trust that flying car or that robot friend too much.  Otherwise, you might end up a giant human Energizer battery hooked up to your alien overlord's laptop in an underground pod.  

I'm really not okay, am I?  Wait...don't answer that.


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