More Drawings From Sketchbooks: Christmas

I took a short break this week for the holidays, but I'm back now...and I'm sure BOTH of my readers are clamoring to hear what I have to say next.

I can't help but point out that it's that time of year again.  The Holidays.  Christmas.  Ho ho ho.  I love Christmas.  Mostly it has to do with how much I love colored lights, but I like the rest of it too.  I have to admit though, that for a few years in the not so distant past, I wasn't very keen on Christmas.  I just didn't care.  I tried to.  I tried to remind myself of all that is means as a Christian holiday and as a cultural event.  Peace on Earth.  Goodwill toward man.  I was fully aware of all the important parts of Christmas, but I still couldn't really feel it deep down inside the way I used to.

I think part of that came from a realization that I made while drawing the above drawing.  It felt like each passing year just meant another loss, and that each holiday meant another empty chair.  I think I spent time comparing the present to the past, and keeping a tally sheet.  I used to have X, but now I don't - so it's not the same.

But such is life.  How many things can we look at, know that we've lost something, and lessen the meaning of that thing.  We could do that regarding most things.  But we shouldn't.  We have today.  And Christmas in the now - thats worth celebrating.  I spend enough days thinking about yesterday and then painting it out to know that today is the most important thing we have.  

So during this holiday season, look around, drink it all in, and hold it close.  For it is all we have.


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