Stupid Cupcake Girl

Stupid Cupcake Girl is a character that I've been doodling for years.  After the Little Kid Paintings from college (see archives for blog entries about that work), I couldn't stop these characters from coming.  They pop up on notes in meetings when I'm supposed to be paying attention.  They end up as doodles while I was on the phone.  Painting that body of work caused something to happen in my brain that left me programmed to create these strange little people - whether I wanted to or not.

I do enjoy drawing them though.  They're fun.  They're insightful.  They make me feel original, which is important to me, and they don't overreach.  They just are.  

Most of their appeal comes from the simple fact that they are uncomplicated.  They're basic.  Not just visually, but in terms of what they represent.  They're fundamental human traits personified.  They haven't been complicated by the rules of society or the expectations of the world at large.  They're impulsive.  They're rude.  They're unencumbered.  They are, at their very core, human.

Stupid Cupcake Girl Sketch, 2012
Ink on Paper, 2.5" x 3.5"
Though some of these characters are joyful and pure...some aren't.  Some are the darker side of human nature.  Stupid Cupcake Girl is like that.  She's mean and greedy.  She doesn't share.  She puts her own interests first.  She's judgmental.  She doesn't look for the best in people.  And she doesn't care.  She's fine being the way that she is.  She has no desire to be well behaved, well liked, or to be good.

Very soon there will be a finished 4' painting of Stupid Cupcake Girl.  I stopped myself from painting my little people for a long time because I wasn't sure how they fit into my overall body of work.  Peh!  Screw that.  I'm tired of trying to make it all make sense.  Let the art historians and the biographers figure out why I painted what I did.  I just want to paint.  Besides, I miss painting my characters, and though I don't have reason to paint them now, I want to.  And as I've mentioned before...wanting to paint something is reason enough to make it happen.

So stay tuned for a big, bright, candy-colored painting of the meanest little girl on the block.  She looks forward to showing you just how awesome she is.


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