Reasons For Painting, Volume 2

Wanting to see a picture exist may be the only reason I need to create a painting, but it's definitely not the only reason I have.

Historically, my work has been about (for lack of a better term) connectivity - about who we are as a people and how we interact with each other and our world.  That approach has served its purpose at various times, but that sort of expressionistic schtick can get pretty tired, and it can get pretty tiring.  No one wants to wear his heart on his sleeve every day of his life?  Worse still, no one wants to watch a guy wear his heart on his sleeve every day of his life!?

So now?  What do I want to use the picture plane to do?  Well, hopefully I use it for a lot of things.  The newest example that I will offer is simple.  I like paint.  I make paintings because I LOVE to push paint around.  Getting that perfect blend from one color to another.  Letting two colors smear together in that awesome way that can only be paint.  Glazing.  Spray paint spattering across an otherwise pristine surface.  The texture of colors piled on top of each other.  It's magic - and I get to wield the wand.

Jackson Pollock, White Light, 1954 (Detail)


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