Artwork Inventory

Oil on Board, 6" x 6"
Sometimes I get an idea and I start a painting without ever really finishing it.  I have a lot of work going now and my goal between now and winter break is to get it all wrapped up.  So I thought to myself as I was driving home last night listening to the most recent Passion Pit album, "I need to make a list.  That will organize my brain, and help me accountable to boot!"  Okay, that might have been a paraphrase, as I don't usually incorporate the term 'to boot' into my thoughts.  

Anyway...when I got home, I did make that list.  I got a bit of a shock though when I looked it all over.  There was a lot more than I had expected.  I didn't know how many loose ends I'd left untied.  It's no wonder that my brain feels like a swarm of angry bees.

The list makes me feel better.  Probably because, I'm a list person.  A list makes it all seem possible, and the joy of crossing completed tasks off is something that is hard to beat.

Paintings that I have started, but not finished, but WILL finish, hopefully by the end of 2012, but if not by...NO, by the end of 2012 - I can do it! - include:

  • Chicago: Morning Commute (4') - all about the time I spent traveling from my apartment to my job at Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier, begun in 2004.
  • 8 black squares (4") - featuring an odd collection of monsters and candy, begun in 2010.
  • 4 tan squares (4") - with more monsters, begun in 2012.
  • Love & Cheeseburgers diptych (2' each) - a failed attempt to make fun of romance, begun in 2006.
  • A green square (18") - comparing the convention and the unconventional, begun in 2011.
  • A blue square (18") - nonobjective right now, but I could see some other subject matter popping up on the top layer, begun in 2011.
  • 4 small blue squares (6") - monochromatic, begun in 2010.
  • 18-24 Little Boxes (4") - tequila shots, and gingham, and Oreos.  Oh my.  All begun in 2012.
  • 4 small red squares (6") - pretty food, begun in 2010.
  • A pink square (2') - sparkling pink and mud puddles, begun in 2009.
  • 4 white squares (12") - with more monsters, begun this week.
  • 3 landscapes (2') - like The Gray Square, begun 2011-2012.
  • 2 QR code paintings (12") - with so many tiny squares, begun 2011.
  • Stupid Cupcake Girl (2') - with a flaming neon background, begun this week.
  • Just Love Me Boy (2') - in cool colors, begun this week.
  • A doughnut (6") - with pink icing (so more pretty food), begun in 2012.
  • A field of flowers (6") - blurry and colorful, begun in 2012.
Wow.  That's 56 - 62 paintings.  If you'll excuse me...I need to go paint.


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