10 Weird Subjects That I Want To Paint

First and foremost, apologies to BOTH of my readers for my blogging break over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I'd like to say I was so busy painting that I couldn't find my way to a computer, but that would be less than true.  I have recently started working on a couple more paintings.  We'll take a look at those when they're a little further along.

Sometimes while I'm painting, I think of other things to paint.  And sometimes, I think of things to paint that make complete and total sense because they fit together with my pre-existing ideas and help to illustrate some of my overall themes.  

Other times...not so much.

Sometimes, I just want to paint things without having much reason.  Maybe it's because I think that particular subject is beautiful, or maybe because it present a certain kind of technical challenge.  Who knows?

But here are 10 weird subjects that I want to paintt (even if I don't have a reason): 

1.  Russell Edgington kissing the Talbot jar of goo from True Blood.

2. Castle Greyskull from Masters of The Universe.

3. A Guinness.

4.  June Cleaver.

5.  An Oreo cookie.

6.  Raw meat.

7.  Barbie shoes.

8.  Anything with frosting.

9.  Kristin Wiig as Dooneese.

10.  Kevin Arnold & Winney Cooper's first kiss.

If there is anyone still out there, who thinks I'm totally well balanced, you may go now.


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