Knowing Your Art Friends

One of my photography students is currently researching the photography Phil Borges. As he was going through the pictures of indigenous children of the world, he commented on how when we familiarize ourselves with an artist's work its like we get to know them. He's right. To know artwork is to know artists.

Let's take my work into consideration. What does someone see when they look at my work? They'd see boxes. Squares. Snapshots. Each holding a frozen piece of life. Revealed would be my favorite things - reminders of memories not to be lost. A closed fist wrapped around the past that we won't admit is gone. Out would jump the little monsters that dance in my mind. I'm obsessed with memories. I'm obsessed with the idea of validating our time here. Knowing full well that we have a finite amount of time here, I'm convinced it's the artists of the world's responsibility to represent that.

To know my work is to know that. To know that is, in essence, to know me.

So, my student was right. Good job Kyle.


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