Reasons For Painting, Volume 1

I have no reason to believe that my reasons for painting will apply to every person who touches brush to canvas, but I do think that there are some fundamental motivations that push all of us that practice creation.

The first of those that I'll mention is brilliantly true, but not discovered without help. An old friend of mine, and fellow artist brought the idea to my attention. it started with me wondering if the little boxes (see previous blogs) were transitioning into another series of paintings. We talked extensively, for a length of time, and then he spoke works of such clarity and wisdom:

The only reason you need for making art is that you want it to exist.

Oh simplicity. How I love you. My friend was right though. I'm the artist. The creator. And in my mind pictures come and they dance around, and I want them to become real. And that's the only reason I need.


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