City Bird

So, I still haven't gotten the work I painted during winter break photographed so that I could post those images. I know. I'm terrible at making my art a priority. I'll do better. And now I have other paintings that I've started, so I'm going to be even more behind on art-ing. But considering the drought in work that I experienced in recent years, there are worse problems to have. At least I'm painting.

This one is from winter break. I called it City Bird. I don't love that title, it's just what I used. I already gave this one away to a dear friend for her birthday. She loves art and is clever and lovely. Since this one was on the way out, and is delightfully small, I scanned it. No photography needed.

There's an ambiguity to this one that I enjoy. Art isn't blatant. It can't be a flashing neon sign with the meaning spelled out (sorry Bruce Nauman, I didn't mean're clever and ironic and awesome, so you go right ahead.) Subtlety and ambiguity can be so beautiful.

More to come. Stay tuned.


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