I love my paint brushes, but I'm mean to them.

Many of my brushes I've had since college. A couple, since high school. I do love them, but they get abused. I leave them in water for weeks at a time. I don't clean them well enough. My oil brushes get a little better care, because I don't like to just leave solvent open, so I clean them before I close up the jar. They still get crusty and dried out sometimes though. Bust I still love them.

I was talking to my friend last night, and he is a photographer. He named his cameras after people who aren't around, who he wishes were. I'm going to start doing this with brushes too.

Man, I am a freak. Last night I hooked up cable in my studio as a means of luring me in there for long periods of time. I'll watch Monster Quest and paint like crazy. Tonight after I name some of my paintbrushes, I'm going to start painting a cheeseburger.

I know. I'm a freak.


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