It's spring. Spring is the earthly embodiment of newness. It's like every year the leaves reappear on trees and the world says, "Hey fuckers! Look at me. I'm new again."

This spring is no different. Lots of new things popping up all over.

This May, the new Modern Wing opened at the Art Institute (that's the Art Institute of Chicago for all of you who don't know my geographical whereabouts.) For it's opening, I packed up a bunch of my students and off to the big city we went to check it out. Speaking of the big city, let it be known that every time I go there I wonder why I moved back to the land of cornfields after loving Chicago so much. (Note: I am not tortured by geography...anymore. I know to remind myself that it is all quite complex and such decisions, rightly made, cannot be second guessed.) Speaking of where I live, I love my home town. It is filled with great people. It's a genuine community. Old school. My grandparents friends can be found here. People who have known me since birth. Many friends. Much family. Lots of love and support. And that can be useful to a guy who has made his whole artistic output about documentation of experiences/connectivity between the visual and emotional recognition. Wait, that could be useful. And not just for blogging purposes, but for real. Let me jot that down. Seriously though, listen to "Quiet Town," by Josh Rouse. That sums it all up.

Back to the Modern Wing though. It's beautiful. Renzo Piano did an fantastic job with the design. It does as art museums should, create an environment and then vanish. It's light and airy and very pleasant to be in. The layout is slightly reminiscent of the new MoMA building. Large central atrium flanked in gallery space. The collection is nice too. Very comprehensive. Though I still don't really understand why the postmodern neo-expressionists of the 80s are still being ignored. It might be because so much of their work in in private collections/highly marketable/expensive. Murakami. I was surprised.

So, along with the new flowers to plant, and vegetables to grow, go see the new Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago. It's worth the trip.

More soon.


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