I haven't spent as much time looking at my work from the past as I have today in a very long time.  I don't have any of that work anymore. That's a lie.  I have Mr. Happy Pants.  He was a sort of milestone for me, and I won't part with him.  The rest exist as images.  They are jpegs and slides.

Looking back though, there are things that I am proud of, that I'm glad I've decided to keep as part of the new work.

Color would be a good example of that.  I have always had a love affair with color.  The relationship between two colors is something that lights a fire in me that I don't quite know how to explain.  The way pink lays on orange.  The way two variations of the same color vibrate against each other.  Blue.  Blue in all it's guises.  My friend Chris used to refer to me as a chromo-philiac.  Granted, he used the suffix philia as a joke, but philia in it's ancient greek root just means fondness or friendship.  Take that Chris.  

But he's not wrong.  I do love color.  Always will.

Another thing I've kept is how I like the 2-D space of my picture plane filled  with multiple visual layers - those deep layers of implied space that build a dream space or mental space opposed to suggesting an orderly and static physical space.  I don't even think I can think with that much order.  It'd drive me crazy if I had to build visual settings made of lines and planes.  I have so much respect for painters who can build complex and meticulous physical spaces within their work though.  Take Richard Estes for example.  Man.  His work possess a kind of order that seems almost foreign to me.

Newer works and works in progress will be coming soon.  Here's a couple of teasers in the meantime.

These are part of a series called Little Boxes, that I'll explain soon.  This first one has been "finished" twice already, and I think I'm going to change one more time.  I'm still in the process of making some final design choices regarding these little ones.  Oh, yeah, they're only 4" squares.  The second one is done.  It was a prototype for the series that I finally called done this summer.

Sarah, 2006/2008

My Favorite Pencil, 2008


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