Selling Yourself

So what's going on in the studio with E. Bell today? Well, I'm trying to sell myself. I've been advised that to proceed with this book concept, I need an agent. Part of finding an agent is to send letters to agencies telling them why I'm cool. As someone who sometimes doesn't feel cool at all, this can be a challenge.

Another thing that I have to do it pitch the book. Here's what I have for that:
Sometimes…I Like To Make Things is the first in a series of picture/activity books targeted at children from age 4 to 8, and is at its core an art book for children.

The following 100-word manuscript encourages children to look at art-making from the inside. Focusing on the many ways in which children can choose to express their own creativity, this book represents the creative process as well as educates the reader about art materials and techniques. Each illustration will demonstrate fun and approachable ways to make art - representing a variety of children winding their way through the creative process, and inviting the reader to express his or her own thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

In addition to the narrative prose and illustration pages, the book would also contain an appendix filled with activity plans, instructions, and information on materials and techniques used, and artists referenced in the book’s illustrations.

Come on...admit it. You'd read that book. Right?


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