Creativity Hangover

I drew all weekend.  I colored and sketched.  I blended and shaded.  I finessed watercolor.  I commanded line.  I bent value and defined space.  

I was on fire.  And now I'm tired.

I think sometimes the mental acuity it takes to really draw things can lead to a kind of brain melt.  I can't imagine what surgeons go through.  You hear things about surgeries taking 12 hours or something, and it makes me wonder if, at the end of that process, the surgeon just slips into a coma.

The brain melting work at hand was the second sample illustration for my book.  Once complete, I'll be able to send it off to literary agents, and hopefully someone will sign me, get me an amazing book deal, make me piles of money, and I'll live happily ever after.

Until then.  Coffee.


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