New Artist Statement

As a component of my new website that launches next week, I've reworked by artist statement.  For those of you not familiar with this practice and artist statement is a short piece of text roughly outlining an artist's intentions.  It lets you into his/her head and allows a little insight into the work.  Mine latest revision is as follows: 

We have reasons for making art. Though many of mine involve liking bright colors, shiny things, and pretty clouds and flowers, most are about documentation. Before cameras took over, painting was the way that the human experience was recorded. Now with the rise of the digital age, when one can make instant pictures, documentation of life is covered all too well. But isn't there more? Can’t art still offer a uniquely personal view? Experiences color life, and my mental pictures are not black and white snapshots or digital photos of vacations. They are fragments - broken pieces of the world. The combination of which are powerful pictures of life and the things that have filled it.
So how do I fit into this? Don’t know. Might not even care, but I know I need to document the things I've lived. This world is remarkable, filled with beauty and horror, and I must take note; of experiences, of ideas, and of things that I can't let go of. I am the visual DJ.  I take the parts, I remix them, and I lay down a new track – beautifully the same, and surprisingly different, from the original.
For those of you who have no idea why I put a picture of Cheetos next to my artist statement, my only response is, "Why not." 


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