More Drawings from Sketchbooks

Sketchbook Drawing #6
Pencil on Paper
I have no idea what the first drawing from a sketchbook that I'll post today means.  There's a sad toaster.  The glasses are floating above it.  I feel like the glasses are as much of a presence as the toaster is.  Like they themselves have an identity and a personality  - even though I didn't give them a face.  The toaster looks as though he could be the brave little toaster's wimpy cousin.  I'm aware of The Brave Little Toaster, but I've never seen it, so I guess we'll chalk that up to a coincidence.  I guess it'd be hard not to make a connection like that, as there are not a lot of humanoid toasters to choose from.

Sketchbook Drawing #7
Pencil on Paper
The second drawing...that's where my bread is buttered.  I like drawing emotions, especially where people are concerned.  The simplified style that I've adopted allows me to not over complicate.  I draw this way because doing less with more is appealing, so I let two dots and a kidney bean shape can become the world's most forlorn expression.  Keeping the style simple provides an opportunity to represent these archetypal human qualities without it all becoming heavy handed or hard to take.  The worrier with the wringing hands can be laughed at and allowed to go about his day.  The overly confident smug expression of the one who has no foresight is entertaining because we know that guys like that will get what is coming to them in due time.

Sketchbook Drawing #8
Pencil on Paper

And who doesn't like making baked goods have faces.  I mean why not?  And aren't those minimal little smiles exactly what you expect from silly, happy, vacant little muffins. Only the surprised one seems to understand what the bird and dog already know - that the muffins are food, and no matter how much they want to float around and pretend that they're not going to be eaten, they are.  Cause they're food.  And you eat food.  Take that muffins.  

That's a prime example of how I can't stop these allegorical life lessons from spilling out.  I doodle.  It seems like nothing.  Next thing I know I see a lesson about self-imposed importance being contrasted with the concept of destiny vs. free will.  I WAS JUST DRAWING MUFFINS!  Did I mean to represent that?  No.  Did it happen anyway?  I don't know.  Maybe it's just my overactive imagination leading me to find a narrative where there isn't one.

Either way - I hope those muffins get what's coming to them.


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