I ♥ Prismacolors

Seriously.  I love them.  They are indisputably the world's greatest colored pencils and there are a lot of reasons to love them.  There are so many colors!  Not just regular colors either, but rich, creamy colors.  And where else does one find total blendabilty.  And do I even have to mention the colorless blender?!  That's right people, there is such a thing as a clear colored pencil!  Oh Prismacolor.

Don't get me wrong...I love most art supplies, but my 20 year love affair with Prismacolors has been special.  I remember the day the I first picked up my high school art teacher's set and tried it out.  What?!  Colored pencil can be rich and smooth?!  It can be more than the scratchy half-assed thing that comes from the school supply aisle at Wal-mart?  It was like divine light shined down.  And Prismacolor and I have been going strong ever since.

Remember back when they were owned by Berol?  And then how Sanford and then Rubbermaid bought it all up and made Prismacolor and Sharpie the flagship brands?  Remember all that?  Well I do, because that is just how big of a geek I am.  I know the corporate history of my colored pencils.  That's totally normal.

Now if you'll excuse me, the new Blick and Nasco catalogs came this week, and I have to go check and see if there are new colors.


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