Sunday Inspiration 2: The Mystery Note

What is inspiration really, but a desire to be better?  It comes in strange and varied ways.  Sometimes as a total surprise.  Other times as something that returns again and again - the movie It's A Wonderful Life.  The last six pages of Summerland by Michael Chabon.  The song Skinny Love. 

Another source of inspiration that I've drawn from again and again is a mysterious note that I found on my computer in the summer of 2006.  It reads:
E. Bell, if my plan works out, you’ll never figure out who wrote this.  Well, any dummy would be able to run some sort of file analysis and you can find the date and time the file was saved, which would narrow it down to SOMEONE at TLC…but who?  Who would torment you in this way.  Is this some sick idea of a prank?  If so, it’s quite lame.
Rather, this is a mere friendly gesture.  You make people smile.  You should keep doing that.  Also, your paintings touch people.  You should keep painting, and keep sharing your paintings with others.  And do it more, and more.  And never stop.  Some people are granted gifts that are….well, in the grand scheme of things…worthless.  They are gifted with physical strength or speed.  Does this touch people?  Can it change lives?
Your gift can.


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