I've built things. I've gathered materials and supplies. I've taken pieces and assembled them. I've measured twice and cut once. I've planned, thought, and considered. I've respected the process, and I've been proud of the results. And yet, that may not be enough. The things we make are not destined to stay in a place of reverence. They are meant to age, tarnish, wither, and fade. The things that we construct must, at some point be constructed again. Reconstruction. Today's good ideas are not tomorrow's. We have to do it all again.

Today I worked for a couple hours on a background pattern/texture. Completely mindless work. Intricate line work with a fine brush. I find that kind of robot work to be a nice break. And in the end it looked good. I like it. It's part of the background of a painting about the notion of love. That's a big, fully covered topic though so I'm not exactly sure how that painting is going to come out. When I find myself in it, and have made that visible, then it will work. Until then, it's just paint on a board and another item on the list of things to be reconstructed.


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