Things I Should Maybe Care About...That I Don't

It has recently come to my attention that there are things that a lot of people care about that I don't.  It's not that hired to get me fired up, but these things leave me without a strong opinion one way or the other.  I just...don't care.

Below is a list, which is not comprehensive by any means, but it covers some of these topics.  How does this information fit this blog you ask?  How does it "come from my studio?"  Oh.  You didn't?  You forgot that this blog is about art and art making?  

Yeah.  Me too.

Things I Should Maybe Care About...That I Don't

  1. Wearing Pants: In rather relaxed, weekend mode.  I don't care if I put on pants.  I don't mean at all. I'm not some sicky sick sick-o, who walks around with it all hanging out.  I mean I don't care if I put "real" pants on.  I'm happy staying in cut-off sweats all the time.  Fashion be damned.
  2. Advanced Degrees: Ph.D.; M.B.A.; M.F.A....Pfffft.  I know I should get one, or more.  I know of the prestige and accomplishment that comes from higher learning.  I know the glory of suede elbow patches.  But I still don't care if I get on or not.  I have to, if I want to grow my career, but I still don't care.  Weird isn't it.
  3. Torture: Enhanced Interrogation, water-boarding, etc.  Yeah.  It's bad.  I know it's bad.  But I don't care if America uses it on people.  If you are a human rights loving liberal (like me), then you probably gasped.  I know.  It's bad that I don't care.  I want to care.  I want to think it's bad even.  But I don't.  Expecting people who deal with violent terrorists to refrain from torture, is like expecting people farmers to smell better.  It's a tough game.  And it's messy.  But it goes with the territory.  Besides, most people only hate it because George Bush was involved.
  4. Most of the Things I See on Facebook: I want to care about the people in my life.  I want to want to see the weird things they do to their babies.  Or just how cute their dogs were being when they cuddled into the laundry.  I want to care.  I want to actively share in their lives, and share in that process.  But not really.
  5. Gun Control:  I know.  I know.  Hot button issue.  I should rephrase this.  It's not that I don't care about guns, gun ownership, etc.  It's that I don't care what the average person thinks about it.  There aren't right answers to this.  People are making their position something that defines them.  They are gun people or they aren't.  Well that's crazy.  Everyone is going to need to find their way to the middle on this one - otherwise politicians are still going to pander to the opinion of the majority of their constituents and try to pass laws that mask the issue.  Until people come together, we won't be keeping anyone safer.
  6. Folding Laundry:  I love getting the laundry done, but I hate folding it.  So it sits in baskets.  It just sits there.  Baskets get shifted.  Baskets get shuffled.  I even bought more baskets.  
  7. Your Relationship With Your God: Spirituality has always been a pretty private thing to me, and though I know that a good Christian believes in fellowship, I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean painting yourself with sunshine to look better than your neighbors.  
  8. Celebrity Behavior: Nope.  Don't care at all.  Fuck you Kimye.  I care about you as much as you care about me.  Which is not at all.  So let's call this one even and walk away while we still have our dignity.
  9. Movies (and now TVs) Being in 3-D:  Am I the only one who just finds 3-D movies confusing?  Why do we want stuff to come at us again?  
Yeah.  I don't care.


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